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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Fresh, New, Shiny Package!

Working in an office is enough to send anyone to the loony bin!

However, working in an office, on a boiling hot summer's day, and being put into the filing room to check over a million files, is just leading me to suicide with a paper cut!

With a small fan, a huge bottle of water, a small crack in the window (not big enough to jump out of!) and my best office friend, Dale, to provide me with hourly excuses to escape this filing hell, it took all the energy inside me not to quit straight away.

See, I had been in this job, for roughly a year and although I had dreamed of becoming an arty film director as soon as I finished university, reality slapped me back to earth and I accepted this job as a data entry clerk.

The pay wasn't too bad but like the d├ęcor, the people were old, frumpy and if I didn't see them rush down there lunch, every day, I would have definitely suspected they're were a few were robots in here!

So, when Antonio joined I was like a kid in a sweet shop!

Tall, dark and handsome...just what every girl (and Dale!) needed for eye candy and all off a sudden the office came alive!

Out went the drab grey and black cardigans and in came fitted skirts, blouses and swanky belts!

Even I decided that I had to upgrade my usually routine of picking up the first top I see, smell the underarms to see if it had another day in it and spray it generously with DKNY, for the fresh, clean, ironed, sleeveless number.

After a week of small talk in the kitchen on my breaks and getting through the hoards of cackling, flirting hens, I finally plucked up the courage to ask him out for a drink, 'that sounds great' he replied.

Just as he was about to walk out of the kitchen, he asked, 'is Dale coming too?' to which I nodded, wounded as my dream of an intimate drink faded in front of me quicker than a Big Brother contestant's career, and quickly ran to Dale's desk to tell him the new plan.

To say he was pleased would be an understatement, 'I knew he was into me! Don't worry if I cough it means you can leave' he joked as we clock watched for the remaining hour.

Getting into the lift, I made small talk and watched as they both flirted, 'great!' I hissed as we quickly walked to the chic bar down the road.

Running in my the rain, I ran straight to the bar, 'double brandy please'. Sipping the drink quickly, I slowly walked over to the table and was taken aback by another man sitting with them, 'hey Shar, this is my boyfriend, Tim. I hope you don't mind I invited him' he said as Tim stood up and gave me a hug, 'not at all' I replied as I looked at Dale with glee and commenced an evening of fun tales and office gossip! 

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