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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Forums and Reviews

I absolute luv forums!

Not just for advertising and promoting my work but for meeting fellow authors and avid readers and learning more about the self publishing world.

What I do find amusing are people's comments on what type of reviews affect them and how they deal with them.

A fellow forum member mentioned he received a damming review from someone, who he suspected of being in the, 'MA Literary Post Graduate' Group, and described these types of people as being the 'snobs' of self published novels.

He explained he classed reviewers as these types, as they dissected his book as though they are experts and point out the flaws of the manuscript without balancing these comments with positives.

I then posted a link, replying to him, stating we all have a mixture of positive and negative reviews at some point, however, I am not expecting to please everyone, who reads my books, as everyone has different tastes.

However, I am hoping that those who choose to read my books are women's fiction and Chick Lit fans, who enjoying reading a book which has a strong main character, twists and turns throughout the story and has likeable characters, who you can relate to, who help to bring the story to the dynamic plot.

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