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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Heartbreak Holiday Healing!

Breaking up with my first love of five years sent me into a chocolate and vodka depression!

Feeling like my whole life had come crashing down, I spent a week in bed watching trashy chat shows, eating endless family size bars of Galaxy's and Dairy Milk's and making my own chocolate cocktails, 'you need to remember he cheated on you and that's why you ended things with him' Mona stated when she made her daily 'hope you haven't committed "chocolate suicide" calls'.

All I could do was grunt, as she reminded me I had something to look forward to, as I droned on about how different life would have been if the curvy blonde didn't destroy our "perfect relationship", 'anyway enough of that, have you packed yet?' Mona asked as she excitedly told me about a new bikini she had just purchased from Selfridge's.

I looked over at the empty suitcase on the floor and lied, 'yep nearly finished'.

Promising to be on time for the flight, I bid her farewell and dragged myself out of bed, 'well at least I can be depressed in the sun' I thought as I threw clothes into the suitcase, without coordinating the outfits, and made my routine evening call to the local Chinese takeaway.


The heat hit me like a ping pong bat in the face, 'we're here ladies' Mona squeaked as the cabin crew welcomed us to the Dominican Republic.

The ladies cackled and took photographs of everything, whilst I plugged myself into my iPod and prayed I had a nice room with a decent size TV, so I could hide my pain from the world, 'we're here' the driver announced in a strong West Indian accent, 'would you like to join us for a drink?' Martha asked as the man politely declined and zoomed off, literally throwing our suitcases out of the van, 'I don't think he'll be her second husband then' I thought as I chuckled to myself and looked for my case.

We were escorted to our room by the handsome bell boy and I sank into the king size bed as the other's flirted with the male staff, who came to help them with they're many "queries".

Ripping their clothes off and looking for their best bikini's, Mona announced supremely, 'right bikini's on, now cocktails on the beach to look for some hottie's'.

After arguing the point of why I wanted to stay in the room, I was beaten by four hungry, lusting females, so with my 60s inspired kaftan, big floppy straw hat and a sci-fi novel (my usual choice is Chick Lit but I couldn't deal with the romantic happy endings!), I resided myself to the quietest section of the beach and tried to tune out their endless attacks on the innocent beach boys.

Sipping on the extra strong rum punch, I began to feel some of the tension lift from my shoulders, 'hi, my name is Ramone. Why so tense?' this tall, dark, handsome stranger asked.

As I tipped my sunglasses I realised it wasn't the punch making me feel more at ease, it was this muscular stranger massaging my shoulders.

I jumped up in shock, to which the other ladies began laughing at my speed, 'I'm sorry, you just looked like you needed someone to show you how special you are. I'm not coming onto you' he continued as the other's waved at me to sit back down and enjoy this new, peaceful, exotic island life.

I observed him for a moment and took another large swig of the rum punch and I don't know if it was the alcohol or the realisation that it wasn't the curvy blonde, who was to blame for the failure of my relationship but my cheating boyfriend and myself getting too complacent throughout the years, I let this handsome, friendly man continue to massage my shoulders and treat me like the princess, I thought I deserved to be...even if it was only for the seven nights we were there.

I went away a distraught, needy wreak and came back a fresh, vibrant, renewed woman, filled with new hope for love and life!

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  5. Chocolate suicide sounds like the best possible way to go.

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    And yep (apart from the scales! lol) chocolate suicide wouldn't be such a bad way to go...until someone springs a surprise holiday on me then the bikini's start screaming! lol

  7. Hi! Found your site through Book Blogs. :) Your site is lovely and I happily followed you and will enjoy reading your updates. You can find me over at Rainy Day Reads, Christine x