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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Book Review:

I absolutely luv this website!

Not only is it girly, with it's fun fonts, pink background and cute images but it has a vast selection of everything Chick Lit, meaning that even the most addicted Chick Lit fan could never run out of books to put on their, 'to read' list! lol

To help advertise the book, and the free promotion I am currently running, Chicklitclub have produced a review and I'm pleased to announce, 'Bombay Mixx' received 7 out of 10 (from one of their reviewers called Pooja) and for my first ever published novel, I can say I am very happy with that score.

With comments such as, 'This a pacy read yet each character is developed individually, with each of them having their own secrets and insecurities' and 'This is a spicy plot peppered with an unexpected series of twists' I am hoping that more new readers will take a chance and jump into the tabooed world of, 'Bombay Mixx'

The Bombay Mixx Review on

Happy reading! :)


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